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Pause, Breathe and be Mindful

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

"It's been a good 15 minutes and no news", i muttered, irritated with my coachee who had not cared to inform that he'd be late. After 15 minutes, i see him walking towards me and i take a deep breathe ready to share how I’d felt.

He entered and was visibly flustered. He apologised and in that moment, it didn't seem important to say more. We soon started our session.

As the session ended he shared he was expecting to being held accountable when he entered the session but when i didn't react he felt at ease.

He learnt how 'being patient' and 'not reacting' can sometimes be helpful in creating awareness and an insight.

His sharing reinforced in me, that we don’t need to be guided by philosophies to create awareness, sometimes we just need to pause, breathe and be mindful in deciding what feels right in that moment.

This year, while chasing your goals, if you face a challenge - take a pause and breathe!

Good Luck!

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