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What's my Frame ?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Once I met a photographer who told me that taking a nice photograph is about finding the right FRAME. The right frame makes the picture look beautiful and helps create an impact in that moment – possibly get a smile or trigger some emotion that is meaningful and leaves one empowered.

That statement stayed with me and i thought 'frames' could be a metaphor for a ‘powerful perspective’. Perspective about various aspects of our life. Our interpretations of the past. Our Choices for the present and Our Vision of the future.

As life goes on, we think of buying pretty frames off-the-shelf. These frames are beautiful, but the fact is, other people have made them and they may or may not seem to represent us completely. After all they are someone else’s inspiration.

I’ve spent over two decades experiencing High Points and Low Points in my life. However, today I feel more empowered to design my own frame, a frame I can relate to and a frame that makes me happy and energized.

What kind of a Frame do you wish to Create for yourself?

If you chose or create your own frame, it could possibly get a smile, give you more power and leave you more resourceful and joyous.

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