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My Magic Ingredients


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My services
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Methodology 1

Sometimes we just want to vent. Release all the emotional energy building inside us. This energy could be building because of a situation, incident, relationship, or some anticipated fear. We don’t want anyone to tell us what to do, we just want someone to listen. Yes, we want someone to be there, but just keep quiet. Sometimes it becomes difficult to ask our relatives or friends to keep quiet and just listen, for whatever reason.


That’s where Venting Station comes in.

Q. What do we do at Venting Station?

  1. We listen. No advice, no suggestion. Just listen


Q. What else do we do at Venting Station?

  1. If you want us to Listen and Coach, we can do that at your request.

Venting Station

Methodology 2

The ability to relate to another is one of our essential ingredients to co-exist and thrive. At a very basic level, we all want to be ‘seen’, and by that I mean we want people to know we exist.


Eric Berne (1964) created the term stroke that means a unit of recognition, which is any form of interaction between humans that let the other know that their existence is recognized by them.


Our ability to co-think, co-feel, and co-create helps us to live in harmony and balance as we travel towards our vision.


Woman in Wheelchair Drinking Coffee
Beach Deck

Methodology 3

As I crossed over as a student to a working professional, I realised the world is different and would respond to me differently.

I had left the comfortable nest of my parents house and was suddenly aware and cautious of this new world. This world created a cocktail of emotions in me as I learnt how to navigate myself and survive.

I realised that I was on my own and I needed skills that would make this journey as a professional smoother and easier. 

Some Work skills are fundamental and essential to operating at work and some are more specialised, need based and/ or necessary to grow and evolve.


Here are some Work Skills i have experience in:

Work Skills
I Don't Know

Methodology 4

Whether we have just reached adulthood or have worked and reached middle age, there are times, when based on incidents, circumstances, and people, when we go through trauma, confusion, or dilemma and we don’t really know what our issues or challenges are.


In case you want to explore and find out what they are and you want to know what you can do about them, let’s have a chat.

Happy Senior Couple

Think Better


Feel Good.


Do More

Be You


"Although I had signed up for executive coaching, I felt comfortable enough to discuss everything about my personal and professional life openly with Vipul. He focussed on my problems instead of forcing me with his own agenda. Two significant lessons I imbibed at the end of my coaching journey are the importance of articulating my thoughts positively and keeping calm in difficult situations while raising my concerns."

Rajeev Jha, Delivery Head

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